Come and Experience This Modern Kundalini Workshop


Modern Kundalini Workshop

Come experience this modern twist on Kundalini Yoga filled with funky tunes, dancing and a whole lot of good vibes! Kundalini yoga is a powerful yogic tradition that was kept secret for thousands of years. It combines dynamic movement (asana), with pranayam (breath) and mantra (scared sound) to move and clear the energy channels of the body.

Kundalini balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, and brings the mind, body and spirit into balance. It is called the Yoga of Awareness. It will free you from your subconscious fears and self-imposed limitations. It will access a strength you’re not even aware you have, and put you on a path of freedom and purpose. Be prepared to dance, sing, work hard and sweat it out. No experience necessary. Satnam

About Danny

Danny has always been connected with movement. With his background in dance, yoga became another form of creative expression infused with spirituality. Originally arriving at the studio for a physical work out, he soon became aware of the transformative power within the practice which changes his life every single day. “My mat is my playground. It’s an exploration of who I am and how to live life”. Danny is passionate about sharing his love of Yoga and teaches from an authentic, kind and playful place. You can expect to move and flow fluidly through his classes. It’s his intention to create a space where students are able to connect intimately with themselves through movement and breath leading towards self-awareness and transformation. “Come journey through self-inquiry and let’s dance with breath. See you on the mat!”. His Modern Kundalini style comes from his teacher Gloria Latham.

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Friday, Nov 2, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm


129 Margaret St Brisbane Queensland 4000 Australia





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